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Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Rebel Thoughts for the

Inspired Woman

Erika L. Davis, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Work/Life Coach

So here it is for all to know!


Do not be mistaken. I want to work and I do need to make money. I want to create and share my purpose and talents with the world…but only just a little! Ha!! Felt good to put that out there! 😉

I am currently enmeshed in my third entrepreneurial stint in my 30-year career. I'm fascinated by work/life integration, especially how it relates to what works and doesn't work for women! That got me doing a little research about the topic of “part-time entrepreneurship”. It seems that every article I've read is about folks working a full-time job and working “part-time” (and late into the night) in order to start up a business. Call me crazy but I don’t consider 80-hour work weeks, being pulled in twenty directions and having no time for myself or family to be part-time entrepreneurship or what it means to work part-time in general!

I know the idea of choosing the way you work seems unrealistic to some and I don’t want anyone going broke by taking my advice and trying to make this happen tomorrow, but I do want to put the nutty idea into the heads of other nutty and inspired women that there are ways to do what you want, part-time, and make a living!

This is about challenging the limiting beliefs and assumptions that have crept up on us throughout our lives. This is about thinking and “doing” differently and having the confidence to know that there are choices that might be more in alignment with our true values (which also requires knowing what our true values are!). This is about making those choices guilt-free! If it gets you even a little excited to think about what that might mean for you, then let’s shake things up a bit and consider REAL PART TIME ENTREPRENEURSHIP completely POSSIBLE!


1. Know and embrace your true passion! What you REALLY want to do has to come from your biggest and best passion! Is it connecting people, creating something beautiful, analyzing spreadsheets? Maybe it’s not so much about the actual work that you do but that you do better work when you work for yourself (or with a lot of flexibility!). Know your true passion, know that your passion is your purpose and have faith that your passion will provide!

2. You MUST get comfortable setting boundaries! What if you can’t just quit your full-time job tomorrow? Are you making the assumption that your current boss won’t be supportive of your new endeavors? If he or she isn't...what are the other options? Are you afraid to ask your partner for the support you need to do what you want? Are you sure you need that $200 pair of jeans right now? What would it be like to ask for what you really want in life, from yourself and others?

3. Risk-taking and fearlessness have to play a part! This comes from knowing that you are choosing to live in alignment with your values. Keep asking yourself, “is this in my best interest” and in alignment with my most important values. That’s what makes the risk worth taking!

4. Know that things might take longer to get going and things may not always go as planned! If at any time you decide to work more because it feels in alignment with what you truly need or want, then by all means, go for it! Perhaps working part-time somewhere that does not require a lot of your emotional or intellectual energy will allow you to focus on your entrepreneurial endeavors. Maybe it means putting more hours into your business WHEN it feels good and right. That’s when full-time feels like part-time! 😊 Perhaps it's reminding yourself that you really CAN get a ton done in 3-4 hours if you put your mind to it; and if real part-time is most in alignment with what you want, know that it might take a little longer to get going…and that might be totally ok!

5. Find like-minded people to support you! Co-partner with other businesses, barter services, outsource or delegate that which you don't love doing, connect with other like-minded women. Be creative and collaborative in building your business…that’s what many women do best and you can use that to your advantage in creating your part-time work week!

It's been a long, tiring, fulfilling, crazy entrepreneurial ride for me over the last three decades...but I feel strongly now that some of it could have been easier. So much of my struggles were due to guilt and long-standing beliefs that were not in alignment with my values. It is so much more productive to believe you can be successful by working the way you choose and it's certainly more enjoyable!

A friend gave me a beautiful necklace recently. There were two words engraved on one of it's tiny says, "B. U." It is a reminder to me to stay in my lane, be brave and work the way that works best for me. Think about what that might mean for you. Is your work in alignment with your values and what you want in life? If not, what are a few new thoughts or actions that could make that a reality for you? Give yourself the space to sit with that everyday. You might be amazed at the creative solutions that pop up! Have patience and keep listening to that part of you that knows what you need. Be curious and open minded and enjoy the ride!

I would love for this to create some conversation! I am completely open to all respectful, decent and thought-provoking comments!

Are you interested in discovering more about living in alignment with your values? Do you want to learn more about conscious living? Schedule a complimentary discovery call with Coach Erika by visiting her website at and subscribe to Coach Erika’s mailing list to stay up to date on upcoming workshops and events!




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